I am so happy with the service I got from Reliance Assistance Group. First, they took a $25,000 tax debt down to be a $25 payment. Next, they explained to me that much of the debt will expire and I will owe nothing. And, Reliance kept me informed and took the stress out of working directly with the IRS. I AM A SENIOR CITZEN AND I WAS FACING BEING HOMELESS WITH BANK GARNISHMENT AS I HAD ONLY MY SOCIAL SECURITY TO LIVE ON. I am so grateful for Reliance’s help in this matter and I recommend this company if you ever have the need. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Janice PetersCLIENT

Reliance Assistance Group was a blessing! the IRS has hounded me for years about back taxes that were just stupid crazy. Thanks to Reliance Assistance Group my taxes on one year went from over $190,000.00 to under $5000.00! Within a week the garnishment was lifted and I was able to make affordable payment. Now no more hounding from the IRS. Thanks Reliance Assistance Group!!

Narland JohnsonSmall Business Owner